Today’s Limits are Tomorrows Victories

We’re often faced with challenges that we can’t surmount the first time we are met with them.

Sometimes it’s because we lack the knowledge to accomplish them, sometimes it’s a lack of drive, sometimes it’s because we just don’t have the right team in place yet.

But one truth will always exist in our lives as long as we are growing… There will always be challenges to overcome, and many of those challenges will require study, deep thought, and persistence before they can be put behind us.

Think of the fighter who begins his career losing half his fights, then, after years of studying videos of his past performance, and persistently practicing to become better – he becomes a legend.

Scaling a company is all about following the right Processes persistently, but the journey is not a simply one. Those who win in business are rarely the smartest, but always the ones who learn from today’s lessons so they can be closer to victory tomorrow. They’re the ones who understand that today’s limits are tomorrows victories when used properly.

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