How To Grow Your Online Brand

The End Of Traditional Marketing

If you've ever worked with a traditional marketing company, you know what to expect… Lots of questions about your target market Lots of testing Lots of "invoice creep" (where you keep getting billed for more and more incidentals) Here's what's wrong with that… You are NOT the best person to tell them about your target market! Although every traditional marketing company will tell you that you are, you most definetely are not. This is why so many marketing companies will blow through the budget, and afterwards, they'll blame YOU and say that the inforamtion you gave them at the start was flawed.…Continue Reading →

How Hollywood Spreads The Word About New Movies

Every wonder how Hollywood spreads the word about new movies, and creates such a viral buzz that movie-goers flood the theaters on opening day? On page 36 in the book iLead, I share with you the same social system we use to help Hollywood get their marketing message in front of millions of fans. Here’s a step by step plan that works not just for filling seats on opening-day, but also for getting politicians elected, launching a new product, or driving your sales crazy: Think of your marketing in 3 distinct “acts”: A year or more before the movie hits…Continue Reading →

List of Paid Traffic Sources For Your Website!

It doesn't matter if you have an offline business with a website, or if you business is completely online with no brick and mortar office.  If you have a website you need quality, targeted traffic on a consistent basis to grow your brand, your sales, and your revenue. Below, you'll find a list of the top paid sources of traffic (PPC, Retageting, etc) to boost your online business growth.  This list is certainly not all-inclusive, and it's onlyu a general list. Some sources of traffic will convert for one industry, and not for another – but no matter what industry…Continue Reading →

How To Reach Millions In Minutes Using The Social-sphere

Many in the Baby Boom Generation are now in their seventies, while Generation X’ers push into their forties and watch the Y Generation enter middle school… but there’s a new Generation whose conversations are directly affecting the bottom line of corporate America and creating paths for new leaders in almost every industry. Generation “i” is the first generational group that includes almost every age, every ethnicity, and every industry. It’s full of mothers and daughters, CEOs and girl scout leaders, students and billionaires. It’s everyone, everywhere, every minute of every day congregating in the social-sphere – in forums chatting, on…Continue Reading →

3 Top Ways To Grow Your Brand And Your Revenue

In this article, Chris Guerriero talks about 3 proven strategies to grow your brand, market your products, and expand your customer base When it comes to business, branding is everything. Of course, you need to sell your products and/or services to be successful, but it is in ‘how’ you go about this process that the race can become confusing and discouraging – or very rewarding. This is where branding comes in, and it is actually a very simple concept. Branding is all about sending a ‘message’ about your company/product/service that your potential customers relate to. Doing this correctly, earns trust,…Continue Reading →

iLead by Chris Guerriero

Connect and Learn Listen, Learn and Connect with Successful Entrepreneurs and CEO's From job-seeking students who want to pay someone to write my essay to ambitious corporate executives, the hunger to stand out from the crowd is within all of us. Those who have the foresight to position themselves as leaders are always seen as “lucky” or “gifted,” when the reality is there are millions of others who are far more worthy, yet lack a single necessary skill. Being seen as a leader in your field is the cornerstone of true success for companies and individuals who want to grow…Continue Reading →

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