Knowing Your True Profit Boosters

One of the annual exercise in our company, and with our Club 28 clients is to re-evaluate and pinpoint the true, current areas of greatest revenue or potential revenue.

Focusing on these area's has been a core factor in the monthly growth of each company, and continues to be one of the top 3 topics requested when I speak at company meetings across the globe.

The first of the 10 essential questions every CEO or business owner needs to ask themselves is listed below. These 10 questions will help walk you through the same exercises we do in our annual 3-day meeting.

To get the full report simply download the PDF using the link at the bottom of this page.

1. List your current income streams.

  • List every subset of your current income.
  • Which are the easiest to grow?
  • Which gives you the most profit/money?
  • Maximize each income starting with the easiest that give you the most.
    –  Spend the most time on growing the area’s that pay you the most.
  • List the incomes that are the hardest and pay the least
  • List your activities that waste the most of your time but are necessary (delegate)
  • List your activities that waste the most of your time and are not necessary (delete)
    –  There’s nowhere near enough time in the day to do everything necessary to grow anything more than a small business, so…
  • Only work on the essentials (only work on things that are essential to your success – to get you to your goal)
    –   What are the top 5 most essential tasks for YOU to be focusing on?



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