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All of Chris’ speaking engagements are developed just for your audience. You can expect a download of motivating education, Q&A time, free giveaways, and several helpful ways for attendees to stay in contact with Chris for post seminar questions.


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Since 1999, Chris Guerriero has been an internationally-known motivational business speaker and authority on merging conventional marketing with social marketing, transforming businesses into industry leaders, and individuals into leaders in their field.

His clients range from corporate executives to ambitious individuals who seek out his guidance to grow their potential into sales, worldwide recognition, and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Each of Chris' speaking engagements is personalized to the audience, but all include strategies which todayís most successful individualsóranging from CEOís, to politicians, to todayís new i-millionaires are using to position themselves as leaders, and attain a level of success far beyond their counterparts.

Understanding these powerful principles can make your company more profitable, more productive, and more powerful in your industry.

Chris will make your audience laugh, he will make them think, and he will give them tools they can actually use to make a difference both personally and professionally.

Chris has appeared nationally throughout the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe and Dubai. His books, articles, and television show reach every continent.

A majority of Christopher's speaking appearances are "closed" events, sponsored by corporations and national trade associations. The following list represents those appearances that are open to the public.

Q3 2015 Events:


Sept 25, 26, 27 2015 (Manhattan, New York)
e-Business Success Series

Creating success in business today requires far more creativity and preciseness as it did 20 years ago.  In this 3-day intensive event, which will be held in the heart of New York City, 7 of the worlds top online businessmen and women, including Chris Guerriero (Motivational Business Speaker), will walk you through the exact steps they took to develop multiple large scale corporations in the same amount of time as it takes most people to build 1 small company.

Come and learn how to develop the internal systems, implement high-growth strategies, perfect business relationship, and attract the right partners and customers to ensure your business takes off in the right direction and doesn't get squashed by all the normal 'growing pains' which limit so many other businesses in today's technological world.





Oct 10-11, 2015 (Los Angeles, California)
The Energy Factor Seminar

The Energy Factor is a program designed to help you cut through all the misconceptions about how to feel great, look great, and have far more energy. Listen as Chris shares with you the same techniques that have helped his clients to have loads of energy, all day – every day, and live life in their dream body.





Oct 24-25 2015 (Manhattan, NY)
Work-Life Balance

Come learn the most up to date tactics to build your business and help you reach higher, personally, professionally, mentally, and emotionally, by the worlds leading experts in both personal and business growth.




Nov 7-8, 2015 (Dublin, Ireland)
Strategic Business Growth

12 of the world's top business growth masters get together in Dublin Ireland to share today's most advanced strategies in marketing, team development, and business systems.





Nov 28-29, 2015 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Marketing Symposium

This is a rare opportunity to work with the top Internet thinkers in the world! Listen as speaker details where the Internet is going, and discover how to position yourself and your company properly to take full advantage of this new wave.




Dec 12, 2015 (Montreal, Canada)
Business Systems (SOP's)



Dec 19 2015 (Los Angeles, California)
CEO Toolbox




Jan 3-4, 2016 (Singapore)
International Business Expo




Jan 9, 2016 (Manhattan, New York)
Business Systems (SOP's)




Jan 16, 2016 (Orange County, California)
CEO Toolbox

Achieving Predictable Success: How You Can Grow Your Business and Dominate Your Industry – In Any Economy.




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We want to make your speaker selection process as easy as possible. If you feel that Chris may be an appropriate speaker for your event, please contact us to request a press package and any other information you may need.

If you have specific dates in mind for your seminar, we're more than happy to "pencil them in" on the calendar, giving you a priority hold for those dates while you're making decisions. This is highly recommended as Chris' calendar is often booked several months in advance!

After deciding to have Chris speak to your group, we'll send you our pre-program questionnaire, which allows you the opportunity to share the history of your company and group, enabling us to create a program that matches your needs. We can also schedule calls between Chris, you, and others in your group, to further our insight about your expectations.

We want to discover what you'd like your audience to experience and "take away" from the program. Also, we request that you supply us any with collateral materials and/or videos you may have on your company or group. This will provide him with valuable background information regarding your company's products and services.

These materials make the information in Chris' presentation more valuable to your people, and easier to implement.

Next, we supply you with an audio-visual requirement sheet, which also includes tips for a successful meeting, and Chris's formal introduction for your presenter to read. If your organization would like to record Chris's presentation, either on audio or video, we provide you with an audio/video recording agreement.

And finally, we will provide photos for you to download. These will help you with organizing, coordinating, advertising or promoting a contracted speaking appearance by Chris Guerriero.

We'll be there for you every step of the way, to assist you with all details and questions. We'll make sure your group receives a quality program from which they can learn practical skills, in an entertaining format that will assist them in reaching their goals!

Speaking Topics:
Business Growth
Online Branding
Internet Marketing
Business Systems (SOP's)
Monetizing your Customer List
Lifetime Value of Customers
Customer Retention
Work-Life Balance
Boosting Productivity
The Real Social Media

Speaking Fee Range:
7,500 – 10,000

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