Today’s Limits are Tomorrows Victories

We’re often faced with challenges that we can’t surmount the first time we are met with them. Sometimes it’s because we lack the knowledge to accomplish them, sometimes it’s a lack of drive, sometimes it’s because we just don’t have the right team in place yet. But one truth will always exist in our lives as long as we are growing… There will always be challenges to overcome, and many of those challenges will require study, deep thought, and persistence before they can be put behind us. Think of the fighter who begins his career losing half his fights, then,…Continue Reading →

How To Be ROI Positive On EVERY Media Buy

.auto-style2 { font-family: Arial; } .auto-style2 { font-family: Arial; font-size: medium; } .auto-style3 { font-size: medium; } More than 82% of businesses in America spend at least 10% of their revenue on advertising (aka: media buys). And most of them lose money on those ads. In fact, many businesses would be better off taking that money to Las Vegas and throwing it down on Black on the roulette wheel. Speaking As Someone Who Has His Hands On 7 Figures Of Media Buys A Week, I Can Tell You For Certain That There’s A Science To Making Your Advertising Work! Here’s…Continue Reading →

The End Of Traditional Marketing

If you've ever worked with a traditional marketing company, you know what to expect… Lots of questions about your target market Lots of testing Lots of "invoice creep" (where you keep getting billed for more and more incidentals) Here's what's wrong with that… You are NOT the best person to tell them about your target market! Although every traditional marketing company will tell you that you are, you most definetely are not. This is why so many marketing companies will blow through the budget, and afterwards, they'll blame YOU and say that the inforamtion you gave them at the start was flawed.…Continue Reading →

Empowering Your Team To Drink From The Fountain of Unending Drive

Your company needs to develop strong, empowered employees if you want to grow in today’s marketplace. Here’s how to do that: Choose Having empowered employees is the dream of every leader. Every upper level manager wants their teams to show initiative, but initiative is not a natural instinct for the ‟employee mindset”, and as such it needs to be conditioned into the right people. Therefore, having a team of empowered employees begins with hiring people who can be empowered. Prospective job candidates should always be screened on whether they proactively seek needed information and feedback, and whether they strive to accomplish team…Continue Reading →

Building A Strong Team

A few weeks ago a client flew to my office to learn how to grow his offline business using online branding. We spent 2 days mapping out a clear plan of action for him and his team, and after we were done, we discussed a neat little success trick he used to build a team of people who helped him grow a billion dollar brand.    Here it is – enjoy this video where Mark Victor Hansen (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books) and I talk about building a strong team…       Here's the…Continue Reading →

Game Day for Business Growth

In business, there's practice and then there's game day. The sad fact is that most business people go through their day as if it was always practice, training for the big event with no actual game date on the books. But then there's a select few who go to work as if every day was game day… the day to give it your all… the day that everyone is watching… the day you have the opportunity to win it all or go home the loser. In business (and in life), you get only a handful of chances to make your…Continue Reading →

Successful Business Growth Is All About 2 Things…

Forget about learning more tactics to grow your company! Success – in any industry and in any economy… whether you're just getting started, or your company is already an industry leader… is achieved only after you dedicate yourself and your company to these two key factors… All successful CEO's and Entrepreenurs have (and use) both: confidence and persistence! When we work to scale a company, one of our core focuses is to keep that company moving forward towards growth every day. And that persistence, coupled with confidence in your ability to reach your goal is FAR more vital than any…Continue Reading →

Work Life Balance

There is a balancing act that only becomes apparent in high growth individuals. It's there in everybody, but when you put yourself or your business into hyperdrive, it becomes far more apparent. Understanding how to control this balance, separates those who succeed from those who seem to struggle to grow. The CEO Vacation To Clear Your Head and Boost Productivity True Success Comes After You Break Away… Most people work way too hard – and that clogs up their ability to live the life they dream of. A few days ago, I told you about a time that I was…Continue Reading →

Website Optimization For Medium To Large Businesses

One of the most common questions I get asked in our business bootcamps is how to get more exposure online.  Most businesses, no matter what industry they're in and no matter how large, can drastically increase their bottom line sales by properly growing their online exposure. The sad part is that most businesses hire an outside SEO company who sold them on some BS about how they can get them to rank #1 on Google. Most SEO companies use Google's frequent updates to scare their clients, saying things like "Google just came out with another update and your site needs to be…Continue Reading →

How Hollywood Spreads The Word About New Movies

Every wonder how Hollywood spreads the word about new movies, and creates such a viral buzz that movie-goers flood the theaters on opening day? On page 36 in the book iLead, I share with you the same social system we use to help Hollywood get their marketing message in front of millions of fans. Here’s a step by step plan that works not just for filling seats on opening-day, but also for getting politicians elected, launching a new product, or driving your sales crazy: Think of your marketing in 3 distinct “acts”: A year or more before the movie hits…Continue Reading →

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