Christopher Guerriero

christopher guerrieroI’m just like you.

I’m not talking about that celebrity “I put my pants on one leg at a time too” baloney. At the heart of it all, we’re all just people who are trying to get a message out to the world.

How we communicate these messages varies from person to person. Some of us build businesses around our message, assembling teams and leveraging our employees’ strengths to help push our message out to the world.

Others work alone year after year, never quite communicating their message properly – sometimes never even figuring out which message they really had to offer.

Why is communication so important? Why not just focus on the product, the service, the marketing, the business plan?

It’s simple. The business that communicates their message better is always seen as the leader in their field.

No exceptions!

I learned this, years ago when I started my very first business (as a personal trainer). When most trainers at the time had 5 or 6 clients, within a few years I had hundreds of clients and nearly 150 other trainers who worked with me… all because I had found a way to communicate my message better, faster and more effectively. 

But to truly be seen as a leader – and enjoy all the corporate and personal benefits that follow that title – we have to look deeper. Being able to communicate well, as an individual or as a business, is just the start. It’s the net which catches the attention of the masses.

Once you grab the attention of another person – whether you’re speaking to a colleague, a friend, a potential client, or to a pack of hungry customers – you have a very short period of time to create a common bond.

Many marketing experts claim that you have a fleeting 28 seconds where that common bond will either stick or be forgotten. Think of it this way: how many commercials do you remember on TV last night?

Whether it’s 28 seconds or as long as a few minutes before people decide to listen or not, the message in your marketing – your elevator pitch – or even the first sentence you say at a party must create a bond. A relationship.

The greatest companies in the world have grown, in spite of the economy, by persistentlchristopher guerrieroy communicating messages that build relationships with their target audience.

But with thousands of competitors communicating similar messages, the art of building relationships has changed significantly.

In fact, after building a personal training business, I ventured into the health club business, and in spite of being in what many call a ‘cut-throat’ industry with large competitors – that company grew into a chain of clubs.


Well, because of all the noise created by competitive marketing, the rate at which a person or a company can build a relationship with their audience is directly related to their ability to uniquely align themselves, in the eyes of their target audience, with current social trends.

Doing so adds a power to your message that will position yourself, your company, or your product as a leader in your field, no matter how successful or unsuccessful of a communicator you’ve been in the past.

What I learned during the 15 years I was growing teams, culture and business systems in the health clubs industry, allowed me to build four 8-figure companies since then, and several other smaller companies.

The articles, videos and programs on this site are a look back over the exact formula I used to build four global organizations; a current look at what’s working now for my companies and for the handful of other companies I consult for. And it’s also a look forward at the formulas we’re testing that promise to change the face of leadership and how we do business.

My A-Team and I help business leaders and high-achievers to grow larger, communicate better, and create a culture drives business forward.

We exist to help those who know that, to stay competitive, you need relevant experience to maximize your growth and the growth of your business.

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